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" The early followers of Christ created a symbol to represent their beliefs with one another in times of persecution. Within three centuries the faith signified by the fish had transformed Rome into a  Christian empire. Today , in an electronically accelerated culture, a symbol can change the face of society in about 1/16th that time."  Read Mercer Schuchardt, September/October 1998 Utne Reader



                                      We Are All In this Together

It is this sentiment being expressed during this unprecedented global shared experience that motivates me to once again spread the message of the interconnectedness of all beings through the symbol of the endless knot.



 The Endless Knot is an ancient symbol found in many cultures worldwide.

It represents the interconnectedness of all beings, unending love and is said to bring good fortune.

As the peace sign untied a generation, the endless knot emerges as a potent symbol to connect and remind us our shared humanity.


                                                                                               HOW ??????

I envision an endless knot emoji.  

How do we get one? Anyone out there interested? We share hearts, kisses, happy faces, mad faces and a seemingly unending variety of symbols.

I want to express we are all in this together and we are all connected with an          emoji.

Anyone else?

                                                                                         A LITTLE HISTORY

The peace sign was created by Bertrand Russell in 1958 to represent total nuclear disarmament. By the mid 60's it was a global symbol for peace.

 We need a symbol now to reflect our experience during this surreal bending of our reality.

I had a vision after working with this symbol to raise money for the Tibetan Resttlement Project, that the endless knot would become important in the next millennium.

I had dreams and experiences with this symbol that impacted my life for over 30 years.

The power of the symbol is nudging me on strongly now.

I am having dreams again, and I have reinvented this website to raise awareness about this symbol.

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